2020                     Zen Psychosis: Oneiric fiction with pinhole exposures by Osceola Refetoff. Griffith Moon

2018-24               LA WEEKLY, Arts Editor 


2020                     Catalog Essay: Melanie Pullen (MOAH Lancaster)

2020                     Catalog Essay: #CountMeIn (MOAH Lancaster)

2020                     Monograph Essay: Marisa Caichiolo

2020                     Catalog Essay: Pierluca de Carlo: Caution: Words in Progress at Backspace Gallery

2020                     Catalog Essay: Taiji Teraskai:Transcendients at Japanese American National Museum

2019                     Catalog Essay: Fatemeh Burnes at Riverside Community College

2019                     Catalog Essay: David Allan Peters at MOAH Lancaster

2019                     Catalog Essay: Wendell Dayton monograph

2019                     Catalog Essay: Kristine Schomaker's "Perceive Me" (January 2020)

2019                     Pam Douglas "Sanctuary" (catalog citation)

2019                     Catalog Essay: Christopher Mercier at SOLA Contemporary

2019                     Catalog Essay: Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman

2019                     Catalog Essay: Jenny Yurshansky, COLA 2019 Fellowship

2019                     Catalog Essay: Stas Orlovski at Traywick Contemporary and San Jose Museum of Art

2019                     Linda Vallejo at LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes (catalog citation)

2019                     Catalog Essay: RUMINATE at Cal State Fullerton (2018)

2019                     Exhibition Essay: Bri Cirel at Knause Gallery, New York

2019                     Exhibition Essay: Eric Sanders at Eastern Projects

2019                     Exhibition Essay: Chenhung Chen and Echo Lew at OCCCA

2019                     Catalog Essay: Manfred Menz: Heaven on Earth, exhibition essay at CMay Gallery

2019                     Catalog Essay: Stas Orlovski Projections 10-year survey monograph

2019                     Exhibition Essay: Nurit Avesar: In Your World at Beyond Baroque

2019                     Catalog Essay: Mark Whalen Ramble Ramble at Over the Influence, Los Angeles

2019                     Catalog Essay: Lorraine Triolo: People Who Look Like Art

2019                     Catalog Micro-Essay: Mark Dean Veca at Jason Vass Gallery

2018                     Catalog Essay: Patrick Wilson & Michael Reafsnyder at Miles McEnery Gallery (New York)

2018                     RERO monograph OUSIA, via Fabien Castanier Gallery (Miami)

2018                     Kimberly Brooks: Fever Dreams catalog essay

2018                     Dave Pressler: Idea Into Object monograph, via MOAH Lancaster. (Video Trailer.)

2018                     NEHMA: Collecting on the Edge, contributing essayist, Nora Eccles Harris Art Museum, Logan, UT

2018                     Eric Finzi: Heterochromia artist book essay

2018                     Catalog Essay: CARBON at Fellows of Contemporary Art

2018                     Temple University, Andy Moses, Hilary Baker, Shepard Fairey, Stephen Powers

                              Acquisition Didactics

2018                     Ariel Vargassal at Building Bridges Art Exchange, exhibition essay

2018                     Exhibition Essay for Tami Bahat: Secrets and Lives (HuffPost)

2018                     Melinda R. Smith: The Story of Paint (HuffPost)

2018                     CARTWHEEL

                              Beyond The Streets (April 2018)

                              Dosshaus at Corey Helford Gallery (April 2018)

                              Over The Influence Gallery debuts with Vhils show in the Arts District (February 2018)

2017                     ARTREVIEW: Ad Minoliti at Cherry and Martin (December 2017)

2017-18               JENKEM Magazine: Featured Series: A Real Art Critic Reviews Skate Art

                              Volume 4, June 2018

                              Volume 3, April 2018

                              Volume 2, January 2018

                              Volume 1, November 2017

2017                     Exhibition Essay for Caitlin McCormack's Lazarus Taxa at Paradigm Gallery, Philadelphia

2017                     Seth Armstrong: Qualities of Dark and Lightness (HuffPost)

2017                    The Journal of ALTA California (a Hearst Publication)

                              Prison Arts Collective, October 2017

2017-                    Contributing Writer, ARTILLERY Magazine

2017-18               RIOT MATERIAL

                              Greater Than LA at Desert Center (June 2018)

                              Jess at Kohn Gallery (July 2018)

                              Roger Ballen at Fahey/Klein Gallery (May 2018)

                              Ed Templeton at Roberts Projects (April 2018)

                              Emmeric Konrad at Tieken Gallery Los Angeles

                              God: A Human History by Reza Aslan, book review

                              X Artists' Books: Literature of Displacement and Permission

                              Shadowman movie review

                              Vulnerability: The Space Between, at Young Projects Gallery

                              Tom of Finland movie review

                              Ryoji Ikeda A [For 100 Cars]

                              Magician Siegfried Tieber in LA

2017                     JUXTAPOZ (See also 2010; 1997-2000)

                              Zen and the Art of Bunny Primitive: kozyndan at Gregorio Escalante, Sept 2017 (200th issue)

2017                     Lim Ok-sang: The Blacklist Portraits/Faces of History at CMay Gallery, catalog essay

2017                     California Locos: Mas Locos, introductory essay for the book Masters of Style

2017                     Synaesthesia: What is the Taste of the Color Blue? at Building Bridges Art Exchange, essay

2017                     Rotem Reshef: Time Traveler at the University of LaVerne, exhibition essay (HuffPost)

2017                     Benjamin Lowder: Phoneme at Open Mind Art Space, exhibition essay (HuffPost)

2017                     The Reality of Nature at LAUNCH LA, exhibition essay (HuffPost)

2017                      OOH-LA-LA-LA, Pacific Standard Time at Robert Berman Gallery (HuffPost)

2017                     Julienne Johnson: Touched No. 12 at the 43rd Ink & Clay (HuffPost)

2017                     Pam Douglas: Sight at TAG, exhibition essay (HuffPost)

2017                     Exhibition Essay for Dani Dodge: Personal Territories at MOAH:CEDAR (HuffPost)

2017                     Exhibition Essay for Martynas Ivinskas: 10,000 Signatures at BBAX (HuffPost)

2017                     Very Appropriate at Robert Berman Gallery (HuffPost)

2017                     Sheinina Raj: Vision & Sound, Intercultural | Enlightenproject essay & Artist Muse artist talk video

2017                     Nicholas Hunt at Mugello Gallery, DTLA (HuffPost)

2017                     Ramona Otto at the Fine Arts Building, DTLA (HuffPost)

2017                     Must Everything Go? Maybe the last Santa Monica Auctions (HuffPost)

2017                     California Space & Light: The Ojai Invitational 2017, catalog essay

2017                     Fallen Fruit: The Endless Orchard, project essay for HuffPost

2017                     California Locos: Freedom Rock, introductory essay for the book SOMOS LOCOS

2017                     Exhibition text for Adam Ross: Until the end of the world, at Chimento Contemporary

2017                     Produce Haus inaugural exhibition WALLS: A Quest for Immersive Space

2017                     Exhibition essay for Susan Amorde: In My Case, at Gallery 825, for HuffPost

2017                     Sharon Kagan: Microcosmic, an essay on her process & Pico Union Center residency (HuffPost)

2017                     An essay on the new photography series After the Audition by Michael Grecco for HuffPost

2016                     NO THOUGHTS MAGAZINE: Sarah Elise Abramson, December 2016

2016                     Essay on the mixed media serial drawings of Randi Matushevitz for the HuffPost

2016                     Essay on avant-garde taxidermist Catherine Coan for the HuffPost

2016                     Catalog Essay, Chie Hitotsuyama at Lancaster Museum of Art and History

2016                     Essay for conceptualist painter, Make Em All Mexican's Linda Vallejo for HuffPost

2016                     Exhibition Essay for Pop Japan and Kuma Puff Residency at Building Bridges Art Exchange

2016                     The Big 80s Are Back at the Santa Monica Auctions, for HuffPost

2016-                 Contributing Writer, ART & CAKE

2016                      Essay on sculptor and architectural and public art maven Catherine Widgery (Huffington Post)

2016                      Essay on photographer, sculptor and installation artist Luigia Gio Martelloni (HuffPo/LAAA)

2016                      Alex Couwenberg: Works 2007-2016 Monographic Essay

2016                      Essay on painter and installation artist Diane Nebolon Silver (HuffPo/Beyond Baroque)

2016                      Essay on painter Bobbie Moline-Kramer for the Huffington Post | Carnegie Art Museum

2016                      Essay on painter Erika Lizée for the Huffington Post | LAX Airport

2016                      Essay on mixed media artist Benjamin Lowder for the Huffington Post | Open Mind Art Space

2016                      Essay on painter Pam Douglas for the Huffington Post | TAG Gallery

2016                      Essay on painter Bibi Davidson for the Huffington Post | Groundspace | Gallery 825

2016                      Exhibition Essay, Sally Bruno at Chimento Contemporary, September 2016

2016                      Essay on painter and filmmaker Malka Nedivi for the Huffington Post

2016                      Catalog Essay Megan Geckler for 2016 COLA Fellowship Grants

2016                      Catalog Essay & Documentary Film: Riccardo Manelli: Notes for the Reconstruction of Beauty via
                               BBAX and Gianluca Draghetti (and Panel Discussion at the LA Art Show)

2016                      Catalog Essay Justin Bower at Lancaster MOAH (and related artist conversation at the museum)

2016                      Catalog Essay Manfred Menz: Art Malpractice at CMay Gallery (Exhibition reviewed by YayLA.)

2016                      Exhibition Essay Marc Fichou: Outside-In at Chimento Contemporary

2016                      Exhibition Essay for Victor Wilde's Was Ist Los? at SomoS Berlin

2016                      Essay for painter and sculptor Robert Reynolds

2016                      Essay for Antonio Pelayo, Disney's last remaining inker

2016                      Statement for Lilli Muller's Mandala Project

2016                      Public Art in the City of West Hollywood for The Huffington Post

2016                      MOCA's gala honoring Ed Ruscha for The Huffington Post
2016                      Interview w/ Daniel Miller of Your Daily Photograph for L’Oeil de la photographie.

2016                      Brandon Boyd artist bio

2016                      Catalog Essay Rory Devine at c. nichols project

2016                      Exhibition Essay Roy Thurston at Chimento Contemporary

2016                      Show Essay Dreaming the Real: Eve Wood, Siobhan McClure, Nathan Huff at South Bay Cont.

2016                      Exhibition Essay Korean sculptor Yi Kwan Hwon at CMay Gallery

2016                      Catalog Essay: Scripps Annual Ceramics Exhibition

2016                      Catalog Essay KuBO & Tom Herberg: Dreams of Chaos opened at Mt. San Antonio College

2016                      Catalog Essay Abstract Never Is... Curated by VICA at Muzeumm at Photo LA

2016                      Catalog Essay Bonita Helmer (and artist conversation at George Billis Gallery)

2016                      Exhibition Essay Dwora Fried at Gallery 825

2016                      Essay on painter Scott A. Trimble for Huffington Post

2016                      Exhibition essay for mixed media installation artist Kim Schoenstadt at Chimento Contemporary

2016                      Profile on artist and fashion designer Victor Wilde of the Bohemian Society for Huffington Post

2016                      Essay on photographer Mark Indig for the Huffington Post

2016                      Exhibition essay for painter Nurit Avesar at the Neutra Institute in Silverlake (and gallery talk)

2016                      Essay for photographer Jane Szabo's Reconstructing Self at MOAH Lancaster

2016                      Book Essay for Christopher Kent Schumaker's My Strangers

2016                      Essay for sculptor Sedi Pak

2016                      Essay for painter Ugo Nonis

2016                      Catalog Essay for photographer Laura London's Relocation at Chimento Contemporary

2016                      Exhibition Essay Janine Brown: Wallflowers at LAAA/Gallery 825

2015                      Catalog Essay: We Must Risk Delight: New Art from LA, a collateral exhibition of the VENICE

                               BIENNALE curated by Bardo LA

2015-17                Contributing Writer, CREATORS (VICE MEDIA)

                               The 2-Million Image Sydney Morning Herald Photo Archive that lives in Little Rock

                               The 14th Factory's Simon Birch

                            Lake Enchanto (Heidi Duckler Dance X Kim West)

                                Sam Comen & Michael Estrin: The Newest Americans

                                Peter Wu: Rise of the Fly II at Vincent Price Art Museum

                                Laurie Sumiye | 50 States of Art (Hawaii)

                            Enchanted Forest of Light at Descanso Garden

                                The Wackiest Shit at DesignerCon 2016

                                Korin Faught at Corey Helford Gallery

                                Tom Sachs at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts: Space Program: Europa

                                Jill Magid: Revisiting Liverpool

                                FriendsWithYou: Supermoon

                                Nick Brandt: Inherit the Dust

                                Wall Writers: Graffiti in its Innocence, directed by Roger Gastman, narrated by John Waters
                                The Robert F. Kennedy Community School's Mural Festival by Branded Arts

                                Dead Ringers, produced by Timothy Speed Levitch
                                Yves Saint Laurent and Jean Cocteau coloring books

                                Scott Hove's Giant Cake Maze

                                Eleanor Macnair's Classic Photos in Play-Doh

                                Celebrity/Artist Collaborations

                                Gregory Crewdson (French edition, too)

                                Photography by The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus

                                Sean Starwars

                                Artists Who Work with Cardboard

                                Jeff Wall at the Perez Art Museum

                                Bettina Hubby: Thanks for the Mammaries
                                RUN: Man is God at Howard-Griffin Gallery.
                                dabsmyla's Modernica takeover
                                Photographer Christopher Colville

                                Matthew Barney: River of Fundament at MOCA (The Creators Project)
                                Jokes of Nature at Redline Denver

                                Karen Finley at Coagula and Rosson Crow at Honor Fraser (Nov 21, 2015)

                                VisionLA 2015 Climate Change Arts Festival

2015-17              PORTER & SAIL (Los Angeles Art Venues & Features)

2015                      Exhibition Essay: Richard Shelton at Temporary Space LA

2015                      Catalog Essay: The Godfrey Daniels School of Charm: Claudia Bucher, Maryrose Crook,           

                               Georganne Deen and Jacobine van der Meer

2015                      Exhibition Essay: Annie Terrazzo: Kill Your Selfie at Red Pipe (and artist conversation).

2015                      Exhibition Essay: Alfa Castaldi at Duncan Miller Gallery

2015                      Essay for painter and sculptor Susan Melly

2015                      Essay for mixed media artist Joan Wulf

2015                      Essay for photographer Sarah Elise Abramson

2015                      Catalog Essay Eva Armisen at CMay Gallery

2015                      Essay on Mary Iverson for Huffington Post

2015                      Essay for photographer Stacey Moore

2015                      Essay on Stuart Kusher for Huffington Post

2015                      Essay for sculptor Petra Eiko's Tectonics

2015                      Artist Profile: Osceola Refetoff for COMPASS Magazine, Summer 2015

2015                      Catalog Essay Tanya Ragir: Warrior Series at Gloria Delson Contemporary Art

2015                      Essay for painter Andrew Pasquella
2015                      Exhibition Essay for sculptor Pancho Luna's Required Reading at Timothy Yarger Fine Art

2015                      Exhibition Essay for photographer Lori Pond's Menace at Gallery 825

2015                      Essay on painter Kristine Schomaker

2015                      Exhibition Essay for Suzan Woodruff and  Nathan Currier's Looming Atmospheres at Launch LA

2015                      Essay Kaloust Guedel and the Excessivist Initiative at LA Art Core

2015                      Exhibition Essay Within the Cave at Durden and Ray

2015                      Op-Ed on the Newly Opened Broad for Los Angeles Review of Books (LARB)

2015                      Scott Grieger Exhibition Essay at Temporary Space LA

2015                      Essay for Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman at the Gabba Gallery

2015                      Catalog Essay: Brad Howe: Cartography at CMay Gallery, Seoul

2015                      Essay for painter Jeanne Dunn

2015                      Essay for painter Susan Lizotte,

2015                      Essay for mixed media artist Colleen M. Kelly

2015                      Essay for painter and street artist Mikael B.

2015                      Czech in LA: New Art from the Czech Republic at ADC Building Bridges Art Foundation

2015                      Essay for Czech painter Tomáš Spevák

2015                      Catalog Essay Isabella Kelly-Ramirez: All the Missing Pieces at Gallery 825

2015                      Catalog Essay Lori Shocket: The Human Element at the Museum of Tolerance

2015                      Foreword: Karrie Ross: Our Ever Changing World: Through the Eyes of Artists: Couples & Collabs

2015                      Catalog Essay Blake Little: Preservation at Paul Kopeikin Gallery

2015                      Catalog Essay Carlos Grasso at the Santa Paula Art Museum

2015                      Catalog Essay JT Burke: Paradise Circus at the LA Art Show 2015

2014                      Catalog Essay: Artists of the film MANA at Art 1307, Naples Italy

2014-15                DESERT MAGAZINE Contributor

                               Cristopher Cichocki artist profile

                               Stephen Anderson artist profile

2014- 18               Contributor, WEST HOLLYWOOD LIFESTYLE

                               Brandon Boyd: The Eternal Optimystic (April 2018)

                               The Getty Foundation's PST LA|LA: WeHo Standard Time preview feature (September 2017)

                               How Karen Bystedt Lost Herself and Her Warhols and Then Found Both Again (September 2016)

                               Red Carpet City: Marquee Art World Events of the Fall Season (September 2015)

                               Pacific Design Center designLAb gallery program (March 2015)

                               The History of Contemporary Art on La Cienega Blvd.

2014                      Catalog Essay LOCOS  Redux: The Lost California Years

2014                      Catalog Essay DAVID LACHAPELLE: LAND SCAPE at Paul Kasmin Gallery, NYC

2014                      Exhibition Essay: Elements: Andy Moses, Ned Evans, and Stephen Robert Johns at LA Art Core

2014                      Essay for photographer Ward Roberts: Maximum Minimalism

2014                      Monograph Essay Speedy Graphito: Made in America (Fabien Castanier Gallery)

2014                      Catalog Essay Margaret Ouchida at Los Angeles Art Association

2014                      Catalog Essay Jason Shawn Alexander: No Good at Exits, at 101/Exhibit, LA

2014                      Catalog Essay Jaime Scholnick and Sandra Low: Cultural Gumbo at Rio Hondo College

2014                      Catalog Essay Sam Erenberg: Geography of the Imagination, College of the Canyons Art Gallery

2014                      Catalog Essay Cindy Jackson: (Not Quite) Salvation at Gallery 825

2014                      Monograph Essay Christopher Kent Schumaker: Un-Finished

2014                      Catalog Essay Christine Weir: Sings of Life at Curve Line Space

2014                      Catalog Essay Pat Gainor: Positano

2014                      Collection Essay, The Passion of Moses Feigin, for the Luba Matusovsky Collection

2014                      Catalog Essay Jane Szabo: Sense of Self at Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

2014                      Exhibition Essay Feminine Mystique at ADC/Building Bridges Art Foundation

2014                      Catalog Essay WATER WORKS at Porch Gallery, Ojai / Loft at Liz's / MOAH Lancaster

2014                      Catalog Essay Greg Miller: Buena Vista, at Caldwell Snyder Gallery, SF

2014                      Exhibition Essay: THREAD/BARE 2 at the Brand Library

2014                      Catalog Essay THREAD/BARE: Studio Channel Islands Art Center, January 2014

2013-18                Featured Arts Blogger, HUFFINGTON POST. Full Archive HERE.

2014                     Catalog Essay, Manfred & Laura Menz: NATURAL SECURITY at Baik Art, Bergamot, January 2014

2013                     Exhibition Essay, Amy Barkow: Ink on Paper

2013-19               Contributing Writer PALM SPRINGS LIFE MAGAZINE

                              Modernism Preview, January 2019

                              Nikolas Kontaxis artist profile, March 2018 PSL main issue, and THE GUIDE

                              Interview with Jordan Schnizter in VINTAGE MAGAZINE (flip to page 44)

                              Warhol Prints from the Jordan Schnitzer Collection at Palm Springs Art Museum (Jan 2018 cover)

                              Sofia Enriquez artist profile, December 2017

                              Chino Canyon Project | PSFAF Guide February 2017

                              Sant Khalsa Feature Artist Profile, Art & Culture Edition, December 2016

                              The Second Edition of the Joshua Treenial Art Fair (preview feature), December 2016    

                              Painter Eric Nash profile, November 2015

                              Palm Springs Museum of Art's Director Liz Armstrong profile, November 2015

                              Fletcher Benton, February 2015

                              Andrea Zittel Palm Springs Art Museum exhibition preview, December 2014 (Arts+Culture)
                              Ai WeiWei: Zodiac, PSAM exhibition profile, December 2014 (Arts+Culture)
                              J. Willott Gallery profile: The Art of Appeal, January 2015
                              High Desert Test Sites, December 2013
                              Philip K. Smith: Lucid Stead (cover story), December 2013

2013                     Book Essay Mercedes Helnwein: NO WAY HOME, Zero+ Publishing, October 2013

2013                     Book Essay, Brandon Boyd: So the Echo
                              Endophasia Publications, September 2013 INFO HERE

2013                     Catalog Essay, JonMarc Edwards: The Language of Abstraction

2013                     Catalog Essay Suzan Woodruff: Cracks in the Light

2013                     Catalog Essay Stephanie Pryor: New Work, Marine Contemporary, September 2013

2013                     Catalog Essay SOME FINE WOMEN AT VAST Space, Las Vegas, August 2013

2013                     Book Essay, Mark Dean Veca: 20 Years (Zero+ Publishing, August 2013) INFO HERE

2013                     Catalog Essay Jeff Koegel: Slow Chemical Orchestra AT Merry Karnowsky Gallery, May 2013

2013-14               Art Writer, SCENE MAGAZINE (NYC)
                              LIARS: Music Meets West Coast Conceptualism band profile -- April 2014
                              David Lynch Dreams Big (feature interview) -- Summer 2013

2013                     Exhibition Essay Simon McWiiliams: Abstract Armature READ ESSAY

2013                     Exhibition Essay Jennifer Vanderpool: Family Stories, Faina Gallery, Sevastopool, Ukraine

2013                     Catalog Essay Sam Erenberg: AWA, College of the Canyons Art Gallery, Santa Clarita

2013                     Contributing Writer,
                              Paddy Wilkins: Colorform at Curio Gallery, May 2013
                              Fil OK: Electropolis (album review), October 2013

2013                     Foreword Anthony Ausgang: The Pawnee Republican

2013                     Book Essay, Fatemeh Burnes: Imprints of Nature and Human Nature
                              Exhibited at Mt. San Antonio College, May 2013

2013                     Book Essay, Freyda Miller: Here Comes the Bride and Other Nightmares

2013                     Catalog Essay, Lisa Adams: Second Life at CB1 Gallery, April 2013

2013-                Writer, FLAUNT MAGAZINE

2013                    Essay, Bettina Hubby's Pretty Limber                  

2013                     Contributing Writer,
                              Robert Berman's 35 year Vacation (September 2014)
                              George Mann at Gallery Yoram Gil (January 2014)
                              Shizuko Greenblatt: A Tree Grows in Modernism (ArtShare LA, June 2013)
                              Jordi Alcaraz exhibition review (Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, October 2013)

2013                     Essay, Lekha Singh's Global Society                    

2013-15               Contributing Writer, MONTAGE MAGAZINE/BESPOKE MAGAZINE
                              The 175th Anniversary of the Camera (Fall 2015)

                              Alexander Calder at the Tate Modern (Winter 2015)

                              Art of Curating: Dan Cameron, Christopher Bedford, Fumio Nanjo, Helen Molesworth (Spring 2015)

                              Vernacular Photography (Winter 2015)

                              The History of Photographic Technology (Winter 2014)
                              Museums & Galleries of Orange County (April 2013)
                              Celebrity Photogs: Bert Stern, Patrick Demarchelier, Martin Schoeller, John Russo (Dec 2013)
                              Global Fashion Museums (May 2013)
                              John Russo artist Profile (May 2013)

2013           Palm Springs Art Fair: 10 Outstanding Attractions, February 2013

2012-                   Writer,  ARTBOUND | KCET

                              Artbound History: 10 Seasons of Evolution and Revolution (June 2019) LA Press Club Award 2017

                              Petroglyph Canyons of China Lake Naval Base (March 2018)

                              Western Landscape Painting from Bierstadt to Bob Ross (April 2018)

                              The Materiality of Motherhood (April 2018)

                              Preview: Jasper Johns at the Broad (January 2018)

                              The End of an Era in LA Letterpress: Church of Type's Homegoing (February 2018)

                              SLOW TIME: De-skilled Ceramics

                              SLOW TIME: Gardeners and Botanists

                              Desert X: Land Art at the Edge of the City

                              Contemporary Art in the Iranian Diaspora: Focus Iran 2 at CAFAM and Iranian Arts Brief at Arena 1

                              Special Election Editorial: Art Journalism in the Age of Trump

                              Downtown LA's Newest Cultural Institution: The Main Museum

                              The Incredible Story of Mixografia Studio
                              Hauser Wirth Schimmel opens in the DTLA Arts District

                              Inaugural CURRENT:LA Biennial (Water)

                              Interview with John Outterbridge

                              Young Projects Video Art Gallery

                              Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik

                              Bari Kumar

                              Game Girls

                              Blake Little

                              F. Scott Hess (named to the Top 5 Visual Art Stories of 2015)

                              Remembering Ojai gallerist Jolene Lloyd, January 2016

                              Videos: Victor Wilde (2012) | Gary Baseman (2013) | Alison O'Daniel (2013) | Public Art LAX (2014) 

2012                     Book Essay, Shark Toof (Zero+ Publishing, July 2012) INFO HERE

2012                     Catalog Essay Jin-Ho Song: A Celestial Space
                              Presented by the Korean American Museum at PYO Gallery, November 2012

2012                     Catalog Essay Los Angeles Assemblage Group: PORTRAITS Exhibition, San Pedro, October 2012

2012                     Catalog Essays, Doug Edge at Cirrus Gallery. One book each for the 4 shows Edge did with Cirrus.
                               1971: The Chatsworth Series.1972: Fun Addict. 1973: Recent Objects. 1976: Nineteen Seventy-Six

2012                     Contributing Writer ARTVoices
                              Ryan Mcintosh Artist Profile & ACIREMA Exhibition Review at Honor Fraser Gallery, October 2012

2012                     Festival Correspondent, Pacific Standard Time Performance & Public Art Festival

2011-15               Art Editor, VS. Magazine (New York/Amsterdam)
                              Eric White, September 2015

                              February 2014 (BETTER): Alexander Klingspor | Guess Jeans head designer Sharleen Lazear |

                                What is Better Art? Interviews w/ Cheech Marin, David LaChapelle, Kori Newkirk, Tom Sachs, Ron

                                English, Kimberly Brooks, and Micol Hebron
                              September 2013 (HASHTAG): Marina Abramovic | Kyle MF Williams
                              February 2013 (PASSIONATE): Jordan Eagles
                              September 2012 (ECCENTRIC): Tobey Maguire | Paul Marciano | Swinda Reichelt
                              February 2012 (INTIMATE): Tasya van Ree | Elizabeth Olsen
                              September 2011 (CINEMATIC): Why Artists Love to Live in LA, But Don't Show Here

2011-16              Art Picks + Blogger, LA WEEKLY + GOLA Calendar (print and web), Public Spectacle (web only)
                             Highlights from the World of $100,000 Glass Bongs, August 2016

                             Best of LA 2015: Pretty in Plastic | 3D Retro | NELA Art Night

                             Musical Art-Spaces, LA Weekly Art Season Special Edition, September 2010

2011                    Featured Artist , Debating Through the Arts, 18th Street Legacy Project, Summer 2011:
                             INTERNET-BASED ARTWORK, in which Tweets featuring the words "Free Speech" were

                             livestreamed, uncensored, to a wall projection in the gallery and on-line.

2011                    Book Essay, Mark Whalen/Kill Pixie (Zero+ Publishing, Fall 2011)

2011                    Book Essay, Jason Shawn Alexander (101 Exhibits, Miami)

2011                     Catalog Essay, THE UNSEEN (Torrance Art Museum, Fall 2011)

2011-14              Interviewer/Host, Creative Current Web Series on LA Art Stream / YouTube                        

2011-13              Writer, BLUECANVAS Magazine
                             Museums of the Weird, Summer 2011

                             Wayne White profile, Fall 2011)

                             Art Gone Hollywood, January 2012

                            Jeffrey Vallance, Spring 2012

                            Seonna Hong, Summer 2012

                            James Gurney, Winter 2012
                            Imaginary Forces, Winter 2012

2011                   Catalog Essay, SOLID STRIPES, Launch LA at Merry Karnowsky Gallery, March 2011

2010                   Catalog Essay, Andy Moses, William Turner Gallery, October 2010

2010                   Catalog Essay, Stas Orlovski, Rio Hondo College, October 2010

2010                   Catalog Essay, Seth Kaufman, University of LaVerne, September 2010

2010-2012        Art + Books Editor, LA CANVAS Magazine

2010                   Contributing Writer, California Contemporary Art Magazine
                            Doug Aitken at Regen Projects (exhibition preview), November 2010
                            Max Presneill at Garboushian Gallery (exhibition preview), September 2010

2010                   Contributing Essayist, Baker's Dozen at the Torrance Art Museum, October 2010

2010                   Contributing Writer Juxtapoz Magazine (see also, 1997-2000)
                            Art From the New World at the Bristol Museum, June 2010.

2010                   Catalog Essay, Marine Contemporary Art Salon: First Anniversary

2010-12             Columnist/Blogger, URBAN SCRAWL at the Create:Fixate website.

2010                   Contributing Writer, Dylan Palmer and Colby Bird: Ends and Means, Fullerton Art Museum

2010                   Catalog Essay, Jay Mark Johnson: Venice Spacewalk

2010                   Catalog Essay, Yoskay Yamamoto artist book, LeBasse Projects

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2010-19              Writer FABRIK Magazine

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2007-                   Los Angeles Editor, WHITEHOT Magazine of Contemporary Art

                                Art of the Ancestral Contemporary in Puerto Vallarta (September 2019)

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2006-08                  ART REVIEW Magazine

2017                       Ad Minolitti at Cherry and Martin, December 2017
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2005-08        , Contributing Editor (see also, Flavorwire, Daily Dose, Flavorpill)

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2003-05                 Contributing Writer, Set Decor Magazine, published by the Set Decorators’ Society of America
                                Sex & The City (cover), Six Feet Under, Kill Bill, The Fine Art of Frasier, Collateral, The Interpreter

2002                       “Arts Alumni” and Donor Profile “Earl Gales, Jr.”, UCLAarts Magazine Spring 2002 Cover Story

2002-2010            Managing Editor, FLAVORPILL LA | Contributing Editor (London & NYC)

2001-06                 tema celeste (Italy/USA)
                                Edgard de Souza at LA Louver Gallery, January 2006
                                LA Painters now major feature survey, January 2006
                                Stella Vine at Roberts + Tilton, Los Angeles, September 2005
                                Chris Natrop at Overtones, Los Angeles, July 2005
                                Jerome Witkin, “Site & Insight” at Jack Rutberg Fine Art, November 2004
                                Faris McReynolds, “It’s a Rainy Say, Sunshine Girl” at Roberts + Tilton, September 2004
                                Michael Schnabel, “The Cage Series” at BANK, Los Angeles, July/August 2004
                                Terry Allen, “Dugout II: Hold On to the House” at Santa Monica Museum of Art, May/June 2004
                                Su-En Wong at Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica, Mar/April 2004
                                Bill Barminksi, “Is This Important?” at Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica, Jan/Feb 2004
                                Chris Burden; “Bullets & Bridges” at Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills, Nov/Dec 2003
                                R.B. Kitaj: “Los Angeles Paintings” at L.A. Louver, July/August 2003
                                Hernan Bas: “Love in Vein” at Sandroni Rey, Venice, March/April 2003
                                Tracy Nakayama: “Because Everyone Wants to Feel Good” at Acuna-Hansen, LA, Nov/Dec 2002
                                Wendy Burton: “Trace Elements II” at Craig Krull, Santa Monica, Sept/Oct 2002

                                Dara Friedman: “Romance” at lemon sky projects, Los Angeles May/June 2002
                                Ed Templeton: “Black Sperm of Vengeance” at New Image Art, W. H’wd Mar/Apr 2002
                                David Hockney: photo retrospective at MoCA Nov/Dec 2001
                                “Snapshot: New Art from LA” at UCLA Armand Hammer Sept/Oct 2001                                             
                                Doreen Morrissey: photographs at Hot Coco Lab Sept/Oct 2001
                                Andy Collins: paintings at Marc Foxx Gallery July/August 2001
                                FischerSpooner Los Angeles at the Downtown Standard May/June 2001
                                “Making Time” at UCLA Armand Hammer May/June 2001
                                Valie Export: retrospective at Santa Monica Museum of Art May/June 2001

2000                        Feature Writer, Untold (UK)
                                “LA City of Art (13 Artists)", March/April 2000
                                “Chaz Guest”, July/August 2000
                                “Art of the Sleepless City (13 New York Artsits)”, Winter 2000

1999-2001           d'Art
                                Suzan Woodruff: “Burning Woman Project” at Bill Turner Gallery Fall 2001
                                “Inner Space #4” group show Envelope Art Gallery Spring 2001
                                “Inventional” group show at Angles Gallery Santa Monica, January 2001
                                Dennis Hopper: "Abstract Reality" at Craig Krull Gallery Santa Monica, August 2000
                                Maix Mayer at half a dozen rose & "Abject Edge" at Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Fall 1999

1999-2005             Features, Events, and Reviews , Coagula Art Journal

                                Pour Some Shana On It/Madame X (1996)
                                The Mad Season Diaries (1999-2001)
                                “The Folk Show” at the Erotic Museum, Hollywood, Fall 2005
                                “Steven Assael & Gretchen Rollins”, Spring 2005
                                “Images of Violence in the Medieval World” at the Getty Center, Winter 2005
                                “Past Presence” at the Getty Research Institute, Winter 2005
                                SITE Santa Fe, Fall 2004
                                The Boots Are Made for Art-Walking, June 2004
                                Tom Everhart: “Bad Boy! Bad Boy! Whatchya Gonna Do?”, April 2004
                                Steve Martin’s “The Underpants” and “Picasso at the Lapin Agile”, April 2004                               
                                Hey Mike Kelley What’s With All the Drag Queens? (Street Credibility at MoCA), February 2004
                                Art & The Search for Earthly Paradise (Joan Didion & Charles Jencks), January 2004
                                The Head Is Where You Shrink It (LA Art Show & Theatre of NOTE’s fucking wasps), Nov 2003
                                Hans Burkhardt, “Requiem for War” at Jack Rutberg, September 2003
                                -scope art fair los angeles at the Downtown Standard, September 2003
                                Jennifer Wolf, “Cavings” at the sandbox, Venice, March 2003
                                A Meditation on Pretense, Community & American Identity (LA County Fair & East Side Art Crawl)
                                Whitney Biennial 2000, Fall 2000
                                Stefan Stux: 20 Years, Fall 2000
                                Jerome Witkin at Jack Rutberg Gallery, June 2000
                                Viggo Mortensen at Track 16, February 1999
1999                       Book Editor & Essayist, Prince of January, Klasky-Csupo, Inc., and Catalog Essayist, Igor Kovalyov

1997-2009             Contributing Editor, ARTWEEK
                                Gina Osterloh at Chung King Project, May 2009
                                Richard Shaw at Frank Lloyd, April 2009
                                Mineo Muzino at Samuel Freeman, April 2009
                                Kevin Wingate at Acuna-Hansen Gallery, Chinatown, March 2009
                                Op-Ed Column: Art in the New Economy, February 2009
                                Diana Thater at 1301PE, LA, December/January 2008-09
                                Brenna Youngblood at Margo Leavin, LA, November 2008 (cover)
                                Sculpture II, at Western Project, Culver City, October 2008
                                100% Other at 18th Street Art Center, Santa Monica, September 2008
                                Don Ed Hardy at Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica, July 2008
                                Christopher Chinn at Overtones Gallery, Los Angeles, June 2008
                                Robbie Miller at California Museum of Photography, Riverside, CA, May 2008
                                Nathan Mabry at Cherry and Martin, Los Angeles, April 2008
                                Peter Wu: "Black Scabs on a Phantom Limb" at Patrick Painter, Santa Monica, March 2008
                                Jeffrey Vallance: "Reliquary Chapels" at Margo Leavin Gallery, Los Angeles, February 2008
                                Brian Mallman at Milo Gallery, Los Angeles, December/January 2008
                                Barry McGee: “Mature, Advanced Work” at REDCAT, Los Angeles, November 2007
                                Bryan Ida at Bandini Art, Culver City, October 2007
                                Ruth Weisberg: “Unfurled” at the Skirball Center, September 2007
                                Don Suggs: “One Man Group Show” at Otis College Ben Maltz Gallery, September 2007
                                Jesse Reno at BLK/MRKT Gallery, July/August 2007
                                Tony Berlant at LA Louver, June 2007
                                PINK III at Arena One Gallery, May 2007
                                Braveland at See Line Gallery, March 2007
                                Consider This at LACMA West, February 2007
                                Miriam Wosk at the Santa Monica Museum of Art (cover), December 2006
                                Jim Shaw at Patrick Painter, November 2006
                                Special Editorial, November 2006
                                Kent Williams at Merry Karnowsky Gallery, October 2006
                                Osman Khan and Martin Durazo at BANK, Los Angeles, September 2006
                                Brendan Monroe at Richard Heller Gallery, Santa Monica, July 2006                                   
                                From the Island of Misfit Toys at Otis College, Ben Maltz Gallery, June 2006
                                William Attaway at BGH Gallery, Santa Monica, May 2006
                                Gajin Fujita at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, March 2006
                                Kenny Harris: “La Habana” at Gallery C, February 2006
                                Greg Kucera at Angles Gallery for February 2006
                                “Collected Recordings” at d.e.n., Culver City, September 2005
                                Melanie Pullen: “High Fashion Crime Scenes” at ACE, Beverly Hills, September 2005
                                “Triple Play: Ed Moses, James Hayward, Richard Allen Morris at R.B. Stevenson, La Jolla, July 05
                                Jen Liu, “Ready to Die” at Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery, Culver City, June 2005
                                “THING: New Sculpture from Los Angeles” at the Hammer, May 2005
                                “On Trying to Be Both as Good a Critic and a Friend as Baudelaire, Op-Ed, March 2005
                                Moira Hahn, “Twilight Chorus” at Koplin del Rio, West Hollywood, March 2005
                                “Hero-Glyph” group show at POST, Downtown LA, February 2005
                                 Sam Durant, “Involved” at Blum & Poe, Culver City, December 2004
                                Coop, “Parts with Appeal” at sixspace gallery, LA, November 2004
                                “Slow Arrow”, group show at Sabina Lee Gallery, October 2004
                                La Mano Press: The Past is Prologue, September 2004
                                Andrea Bowers: “Soft Blockades” at Mary Goldman Gallery, Chinatown, September 2004
                                Annemarie Davidson, “Enamels” at the Long Beach Museum of Art, July/August 2004
                                Patty Chang “Sorority Stage Fright II” at Roberts + Tilton, Los Angeles, June 2004
                                Terry Allen, “Dugout” at LA Louver Gallery, Venice, May 2004
                                “H20” at Crossroads, April 2004
                                “Raising the Brow: A Counter-Culture Grows Up” at Earl McGrath Gallery, LA, March 2004
                                Jerry Rothman Retrospective “Feat of Clay” at The Laguna Art Museum, February 2004
                                Shepard Fairey “This Is Your God” at sixspace, Los Angeles, December 2003
                                Viggo Mortensen “Miyelo” at Stephen Cohen Gallery, Los Angeles, November 2003
                                Marc Licari & Primitivo Suarez at The Luckman Gallery, Cal State Los Angeles, October 2003
                                Southern California Museum Curators: Nine Profiles, for Art & Economy Series, September 2003
                                “Summer Romance” group show at Sandroni Rey, Venice, September 2003
                                Jo Jackson, new paintings at Roberts + Tilton, Los Angeles, July 2003
                                Michael Reafsnyder, new paintings at Mark Moore Gallery, Santa Monica, June 2003, cover
                                Andy Moses, new paintings at Double Vision Arts, Hollywood, May 2003
                                Kim McCarty “Under Glass” at cherrydelosreytes, Venice, March 2003
                                Marion Lane “Modern Living” at the sandbox, Venice, November 2002
                                Dean Chamberlain “Forests of Light” at Light Space Gallery, Venice, June 2002
                                Martin Durazo “Fresh Air” at Otis College, Los Angeles, May 2002
                                Steven Criqui at Lemon Sky Projects, Los Angeles, March 2002
                                Sebastian Clough & Paulina Wallenberg Olsson at LACE, Dec/Jan 2001
                                Micol Hebron & Elizabeth Tobias, Eagle Rock, October 2001
                                Jeff Colson at Griffin Contemporary, Venice, July 2001
                                Scooter Rudolph at New Image Art, West Hollywood, June 2001
                                Brian Bent: “ArchitecTOUR” at DiRT, West Hollywood, May 2001
                                Douglas Bohr: “Vessels” at Cherry, Venice, April 2001
                                “Love & Loss” group show at Circle Elephant Art Silverlake, March 2001
                                Group Show at Merry Karnowsky Gallery Los Angeles, February 2001, cover
                                Salomon Huerta at Patricia Faure Gallery Santa Monica, January 2001
                                Michael Arata at POST downtown Los Angeles, June 2000
                                Paul McCarthy “Heidi Files” Patrick Painter | Sue DeBeer & Laura Parnes “Heidi 2: The

                                Unauthorized Sequel” at LACE, Dec. 2000
                                Chris Finley at ACME Los Angeles, November 2000
                                Barry McGee and Margaret Kilgallen at UCLA Armand Hammer, April 2000, cover
                                “Post-Graffiti” at New Image Art Los Angeles, February 2000
                                Suzan Woodruff at Highways Projects Santa Monica, December 1999
                                Georgia Metz at Deep River Los Angeles, November 1999
                                Raluca at half a dozen rose Venice, January 1998
                                Todd Schorr & Kathy Staico Schorr at Merry Karnowsky Gallery, October 1997

1997-1999             Feature Writer & Art Reviewer, Female FYI
                                Maria Schicker at half a dozen rose, October 1999
                                “Girl Power: Women-Owned Galleries at Bergamot Station” May 1998
                                “Tattoo You: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco” April 1998
                                 Ann Chamberlin, John Leubtow, Petra Westen, Susan Tibbles, Rene Norman

1996-2001             Feature Writer & Art Reviews, JUXTAPOZ
                                “Tom Sachs: Fine Art Fashion Victim” March 2001
                                “From Kitsch to Coolsville: The Collection of Brad Benedict” March 2000
                                “Saiman Chow: Into the Plasticine Void” November 2000
                                “Future Primitive: The Art of Kent Bash” Cover September 1999
                                “Van Gogh’s Van Goghs at LACMA” May 1999
                                “My Brother’s Keeper: The Art of Rob & Christian Clayton” May 1999
                                “Tom Waits: Mule Variations” album review May 1999
                                “Things Are Weird Enough: Interview with Viggo Mortensen” Spring 1999
                                “I Don’t See Blasphemy: Andres Serrano in His Own Words” Winter 1998
                                “Spontaneous Combustion: Beck & Al Hansen” Fall 1998
                                “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Getty” Fall 1998
                                “On Exhibit: Liz Lou” Fall 1998
                                “Bari Kumar, Manuel Ocampo, Joel-Peter Witkin” Summer 1998
                                “Georgeanne Deen: In The Temple of False Gods” Fall 1997

1996                        Columnist, Framed @, LA-based internet arts magazine

1996                        Catalog Essay, William Scarbrough “Stitches” at Michael Gold Gallery, SoHo

1996                        Catalog Essay, Joseph Maruska at Galerie Christine Colas, Paris, France (French & English)

1996-2000             Feature Writer, art & culture website
                                Rage Against the Republicans, August 2000
                                Ed Templeton Q & A, June 2000
                                Pooh Unplugged, a new book by my idol Karen Finley, Oct 1999
                                Art O-Rama, 1997
                                Showing Art With Heart, 1996

1996                       Art Editor, HOT LAVA

1998-2001        Art Collections Management & Appraisal Administrative Assistant, Patricia Shea Fine Art

1997                  LOLLAPALOOZA Festival Visual Art Coordinator

1996-1998        Assistant, Susan Martin Public Relations, Bergamot Station

1996                  Art Consultant,, Perry Farrell/Porno for Pyros website

1995-1996        Assistant Gallery Director, Patricia Correia Gallery, Bergamot Station

1993-1994        Development Assoc, Learning Through Art, the Guggenheim Museum Children's Education Program

1992                   Administrative Intern, Larry Gagosian-Leo Castelli Gallery, 65 Thompson

1993                   Vassar College; Bachelor's Degree in Art Historyaph here.